image : Joseph Beuys and Shelley Sacks

Shelley Sacks [born in South Africa 1950] is a social sculpture practitioner, cultural activist, performance artist, teacher, author and thinker exploring the relationship between imagination and transformation, inner work and outer action, and paradigm shift in practice.
Like Joseph Beuys, her teacher, with whom she collaborated for many years, Shelley’s work explores what Beuys described as the ‘invisible materials of speech, discussion and thought’ and the idea that ‘every human being is an artist’, called upon to shape a humane and ecological society. 
NEW EYES FOR THE WORLD is a connective practice form the Social Sculpture Lab that is part of the Kassel-21 Documenta Archive curated for the Neue Gallery (Kassel) by Shelley Sacks for the city of Kassel during Joseph Beuys' 2021 Centennial Celebrations.
It is the continuum of the vision of "making social honey" and taking the necessary steps to "new forms of imaginative dialogues and social reflection about the world we want, how we understand survival, and in what sense we are all artists, called upon to work with the ‘invisible materials’. How can we develop new ways of thinking and new narratives of interconnectedness is the essential question.  [Shelley Sacks]
NEW EYES FOR THE WORLD is a simple ‘connective practice’ for lovers of the world, interested in ‘new organs of perception’, in ‘survival’, in working with others. It is a call for people across the world – to learn about and participate in an inspiring connective practice that helps one look at the world with ‘new eyes’, and then, if they find it meaningful, to extend these ‘new eyes’ by sharing the practice with people in your locality and network. It is therefore a call for people who are willing to consider becoming multipliers of a connective practice.

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