NAZIHA MESTAOUI (1975 - 2020) & (1973-2015)
Sounds of Light is a visual and sound installation by which makes the invisible visible from the sacred seed Amazonian chants. A 0.4m basin filled with a thin layer of water is introduced into the space. Sacred songs recorded with Amazon Shaman Huni Kui Iba spread in the basin. The harmonic frequencies thus generated create multiple geometric shapes at the surface of water. The artwork deploys in space the different facets of vibrations that make up our reality : sound, light, matter, energy, feelings...
Manigua, a surreal vision of the Amazon forest by renders visible the heartbeat of the primal forest and its ancestral legacies. Encantations of the  indigenous communities and their undissociated relation with elemental forces of nature and its wildlife is exponentially highlighted in this video inviting us to listen closely to the voices of the Earth
Color Amazonia, together with a group of friends, wandered around the Colombian Amazon in search of color.  With the ancestral knowledge of Huitoto and Tikuna communities as guides, they identified 11 botanical species and the processes of alchemy that allow for the use of their pigments in artisanal ways on natural fibers such as fique, cotton and paper. This is the testimony of this elemental search where color is a pretext to exalt the immense value of a jungle that is disappearing.
Heritage, by , alludes to the power, the magic and the symbolism which existed in primitive societies. Small sculpture-like objects such as ceremonial pieces or daily artefacts were both shared and elaborated. In both instances, organic materials and resembling references and sizes. Paula Ospina attempts to unravel the unconscious and emotional narratives inherent in these objects that are born out of a typically feminine universe (intuitive, emotional and archetypical) though the act of braiding, felting, weaving and using the hands in the creative process.